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Learn Dutch this Summer with an Intensive Summer Course in Maastricht.

Do you want to enjoy your Summer and have a time well spent? Then why not take a Dutch course at our specialised language school in Maastricht, a gorgeous city in the beautiful South of the Netherlands?


Join over 100 students this Summer!

Learn and enjoy your stay

Take a class in the morning and have enough free time to explore the beautiful city of Maastricht in the afternoon.

Or visit nearby places such as Aachen, Liège, Valkenburg and Hasselt. 

Just don't forget your homework!

Speak Dutch in no-time!

Gain a level in just 2 weeks with our  Dutch courses. 

There are 4 lessons per week.

Each lesson is 3 hours.

This way, you can learn Dutch superquickly!

Fast, Fun & Affordable

You learn Dutch by doing all kinds of games, roleplay and other activities. 

Our main focus is to get you to speak Dutch from day 1!

Register now for your Intensive Dutch course. 

You can find all info about the courses at our Course Registration Page, including descriptions, data and prices. 

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