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Good to know before booking

  • Each course is 24 hours of class.

  • The course book is not included in the course price. You can order the book from us. 

  • Cancel for free up to 10 days before the start of the course.

  • Register now, pay within 5 days.

  • Pay with iDeal, CreditCard, Paypal etc.

  • We provide an invoice on request.

  • Where do the courses take place?
    Our Classroom courses and Intensive Summer Courses take place at our school at Statensingel 2, 6217 KD Maastricht. Our Online courses take place on Zoom.
  • How do I enter the school building?
    We are located inside BrightSpace, which is an office building. You can find the entrance left of the apartment complex Fronten-Veste. Before your first lesson, you will receive a link with which you can open the gate with your phone. You can also call your teacher through the intercom left of the gate so we can open it for you.
  • What’s the average student like?
    Most of our students are highly skilled expats and University students. They usually range between 20 and 45 years old. They are working at the University or a multinational, run their own business or they’re staying home with their kids. Some come with their partner or a friend, most join the course by themselves. It’s usually a great mix of languages, nationalities and personalities. We always get a kick out of how motivated and enthusiastic our students are!
  • Do I need to know English?
    Especially in the beginners courses (A1 and A2) we use English as a support language. This means that we explain grammar and definitions using English. You should know some basic English to understand this. Of course, we also use lots of (Dutch) examples to clarify things even more. In B1 level, English is phased out more, and we usually don’t use any English in B2 courses.
  • Do I have to purchase a course book?
    Yes. You can find out which book in the course description at our registration page. You can order the books from us during your registration. It will then be waiting for you in the first lesson. In our courses, we use a course method developed by Publisher Boom. These methods consist of books and an online learning environment. We have chosen this method because of it’s ease of use, natural dialogues and practical approach to learning. You can buy the books directly from the publisher at We use these books in our courses: – A1 and A2: Van Start – B1 part 1 and B1 part 2: In Zicht – B2 part 1 and B2 part 2: De Finale We can also order the book for you (not applicable to online courses). Let us know if you’re not able to get the book on time for your lesson!
  • Can I park my car at the school?
    Unfortunately, it's not possible to park your car at the Brightspace premises. You can use the paid Frontenpark parking instead. From there, it's a 5 minute walk to the school. (Check
  • Can you help me with the visa-procedure?
    I'm sorry to say we can't help you with your visa application. As far as we know, you can't get an educational visa by taking a language course.
  • Do you offer online Dutch courses?
    At the moment, we don't offer online group courses. We might have availability for online private lessons.
  • Do you teach children?
    Participants of our group courses have to be 16 or older. We occasionally have younger private students, but unfortunately, our availability is limited.
  • How do I book a Dutch course?
    You can book all of our courses at our registration page. Just select the course you like to join, click 'Book' and fill in your data. After registering, you can pay right away or later with Ideal, Creditcard, Paypal etc. You can also pay by bank transfer. You should make the payment within 5 days after registering to secure your seat.
  • My course has a wait list. What does it mean?
    When a course has a wait list, it means the course is either fully booked or not open for registration yet. You can join the wait list if you want to get notified when a spot opens up in the course. This sometimes happens even on the day before the start of the course!
  • Can I pay with my DUO-loan or STAP-budget?
    No, we are not able to accept your DUO-loan or STAP-budget for your courses. We never applied for this, since it comes with a lot of extra costs and administration hassle. This would increase our costs and fees tremendously, while we aim to be affordable for everyone.
  • What is the duration of the course?
    Each course has 24 hours of class. We have several options of course intensity: A regular course takes place 1 or 2x per week. The lessons are 1,5 hours each. The course takes 8 or 16 weeks. A semi-intensive course takes place 2x per week. The lessons are 3 hours each. The course takes 4 weeks. An intensive course takes place 4x per week. The lessons are 3 hours each. The course takes 2 weeks. In case there’s a public holiday, there will be no lesson. So the course might take longer, but the amount of hours stays the same. You can find the complete course schedule of each course by clicking ‘Info’ and then ‘ schedule’ for the course on the registration page.
  • Can I cancel my registration if my plans change?
    Yes, you can cancel for free up to 10 days before the start of the course. For more details, please look at our Terms and Conditions.
  • Can I schedule an intake?
    Are you not sure about which course to take? Or do you have other questions about out courses? You can schedule a free Intake with us! The intake is a 15 minute meeting with one of our teachers. Based on this conversation, the teacher will advise a certain course to you. You can also send in a written text to help the teacher assess your level.
  • Will I receive a course certificate?
    At the end of the course, you will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance. The certificate will testify that you have completed the Dutch course (at an attendance of at least 75% of the program).
  • Is there an exam at the end of the course?
    There is no official exam at the end of the course. We might provide you with a practice exam, so you can see for yourself how you’re doing. You can always ask the teacher for personal advise for further improvement.
  • What is your teaching approach?
    Remember those boring language classes you had in high school? That’s NOT how you learn with us! We aim to make every lesson engaging, using a variety of activities. In each course, we cover listening, speaking, writing, reading and grammar. We focus mostly on speaking and conversation, since that’s for most people the purpose of the course. We also spend a decent time on grammar, because many find this hard, but also super useful. We have found that our approach is highly effective. Our beginner students often gain enough skills (and courage) to have small conversations within a few weeks, or even within a few days of intensive courses!
  • How long does it take to get to B2 level?
    This really depends on your background (native and other acquired languages), motivation, time dedication and learning skills. If you’re a beginner now and you’re super dedicated, in ideal conditions, you could get to B2 in a year. Our advice would then be to not focus too much on the levels, but immerse yourself in the Dutch language as much as possible.
  • How do the online Dutch courses work?
    Our online courses resemble our classroom courses a lot: very interactive, lots of different activities and an engaging teaching style. We use the same course books in our online and classroom courses, so you can start online with A1 and then continue A2 in the classroom (or vice versa). To participate in our online Dutch course, you need to have a computer with a microphone and, preferably, a webcam. Of course, a good internet connection is also essential. We use the platform Zoom for our lessons. Before the start of the course, you will receive an email with a link to participate. This link is valid for all lessons.
  • What is a classroom course?
    If you book a Classroom course, you’re expected to physically come to class. It's no longer possible to join the classroom courses on Zoom or to offer recordings of the classes.
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