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We love to teach you Dutch

Learn Dutch in Maastricht is a small Language School solely focused on the Dutch language.

We offer up to B2 group courses and private lessons, right in the center of Maastricht.

Dutch students with certificate

Why learn Dutch with us

Learn effectively

With a focus on conversation, vocabulary and grammar and by using diverse materials, you learn Dutch in a fun and engaging way.

Get a certificate

You receive a certificate of participation if you attend at least 75% of the course.

Exquisite student reviews

Every day, we aim to keep our students satisfied by teaching effective classes.

Small groups

Groups are only 6 to 12 students. So there is plenty of time and attention for everybody.

Great location

Learn Dutch right in the center of Maastricht. We are located in BrightSpace, a beautiful office building with plenty of amenities.

We're experts of Dutch

We’re completely specialized at teaching Dutch and don’t offer any other languages or services.

Learn Dutch your way

Everybody learns in a different way. How would you like to learn Dutch? 

Private Dutch lessons

Private Lessons

Learn at your own pace and

focus on matters to you. 

Dutch Language Students

Group Courses

Learn together with like-minded students and expats from all over the world.

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Incompany Training

Get to know your colleagues

in a different setting and

learn Dutch together. 

This is what our students say


It was a pleasure to have class with Swantje!!! Thanks again for the best Dutch classes - I learned so much over this past year ❤️


I loved the course! I had Pip as a teacher and she was all that I could expect for! I feel very confident in my Dutch now and I will be continuing with my classes for the next levels as well! Loved everything about it!
Dank je wel voor alles!


I have very much enjoyed this course. I've learned the foundations of the Dutch language and am now able to speak freely about a variety of topics. The atmosphere in the class is warm and inviting. The book is easy to follow along with and all the exercises are doable yet challenging.


Amazing course! Pip is an excellent teacher who made learning dutch super fun! 10/10 recommended


Ik ben erg blij dat ik deze cursus heb gedaan. Na zes maanden kan ik veel beter Nederlands begrijpen en spreken. De leersfeer is erg vriendelijk en professioneel, het was erg leuk.


I just completed my A1 course and I must thank my docent Jeanny for keeping me motivated! She has such an easy way of explaining and allowing you to feel confident in speaking this moeilijke taal out loud !
My classmates were just great and I now consider them my friends. I look forward to continuing my new language journey into A2 and hopefully further with Learn Dutch Maastricht!

A1 Dutch course for beginners in Maastricht

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