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Why learn Dutch with us?

Are you looking for a reliable Dutch teacher in Maastricht? Look no further! Here are some reasons for choosing us to help you master our language. 

10 jaar Learn Dutch school Maastricht

10+ years of experience

We started this school in 2013. Since we don’t offer any other languages or services, we’re completely specialized at teaching Dutch. All teachers at our school are enthusiastic Dutch speakers with at least a few years of experience.

Fast and efficient learning

Each course is 24 hours of class. Because there are only 6-12 motivated students in each group, the learning process can be very efficient. We aim to make the courses fast paced as well as engaging, so that you learn the most. We diversify by combining speaking, grammar, and listening exercises with roleplay and language games.

B1-2 SB mei 2023_edited.png
fun Dutch course games

Make it fun

With a focus on conversation, vocabulary and grammar and by using diverse materials, you learn Dutch in a fun and engaging way.  We make sure there's a friendly environment in which students can interact and practice without fear. Very often, students leave the course with a few extra friends. 

Modern location in central Maastricht

Learn Dutch right in the center of Maastricht. We are located in BrightSpace, a modern office building with plenty of amenities. 

Dutch courses location Maastricht school building
Dutch course materials NT2

Beginner to Advanced level courses and specials

Only learning the basics or are you planning to speak like a native? You can take our courses from A1 to B2 level.


We also occasionally offer special courses, like Conversation Classes, Inburgering, Medical Dutch and Business Dutch. 

Certificate of participation

You receive a certificate of participation if you attend at least 70% of the course.

Dutch course certificates
Affordable Dutch course

Competitive course fees

You will find that our Dutch courses are among the cheapest in Maastricht or even Limburg.  We even have students coming from Eindhoven for this reason!

Workshops and other events

We often organise special events, like workshops, homework sessions and social gatherings. 

These events are either free or for a small fee. 

Dutch Workshop
Intensive Dutch course Maastricht

Intensive Courses (Summer)

Learn superfast with our intensive Summer Dutch courses. In just 2 weeks, you can gain a full level. 

Online Dutch courses

Are you not located in Maastricht or are you travelling too much for a classroom course? You can also take one of our dedicated online Dutch courses on Zoom. 

Learn Dutch online.png
Dutch books for beginners and advanced level

Extensive student library

Borrow Dutch novels, comics and magazines for all levels and interests, free of charge for our students. 

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